Mia Khalifa tells the audience to “be patient” as she displays her legs while performing Hogwarts Legacy.

Mia Khalifa appeared to be enjoying some downtime on her Instagram story, as she urged her followers to “keep waiting”

The OnlyFans celebrity was spotted relaxing with a Starbucks beverage and a round of Hogwarts Legacy, the newest Harry Potter-themed game.

Mia, age 30, was in “recovery” after an intense two weeks, and it appears that Hogwarts Legacy was the ideal remedy.

As Mia shared her activities with her 27.6 million followers, a small Harry Potter emoji appeared in the upper-right corner of the screen.

The caption for the Instagram story read, “If I owe you an email response, please be patient.

I require at least three days of Portkey, takeaway, and oui’d to recuperate from all the socializing I’ve done over the past two weeks.

The former Pornhub star, who has recently appeared in numerous fashion shoots and events, including a recent Diesel fashion show, appears to have been in dire need of some rest and relaxation.

The erotic star frequently posts raunchy photos to her Instagram Stories, which sometimes appear to be on the verge of violating the site’s community guidelines.

She has taken the time to discuss her “guilty pleasures” in an Instagram post.

She stated bluntly, “Marijuana. However, I don’t feel too regretful about it.”

Mia has repeatedly displayed her affection for the drug on Instagram, most recently by posting a photo of a unique ring that could contain her blunt.

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